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  Certificate of state registration: КВ 15455-4027Р від 05.06.2009 р.

  Professional registration: Decree of the MES of Ukraine on 29 December 20141528

  ISSN print version of the Journal: 2312-3427

  Publishing on the website of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine:

the Bulletin of the kharkiv national agricultural university of V. V. Dokuchaeva

  Index Copernicus: Indexed in the ICI Journal Master List



  The Journal covers current issues of economic theory and history of economic thought; world economy and international economic relations; economics and enterprise management; innovation and investment activity; accounting, analysis and audit; banking, finance and tax policy as well as proposals for improving the country's economy, mathematical methods and information technologies in economics; modern management and other branches of economic science.

  The Bulletin of the kharkiv national agricultural university of V. V. Dokuchaeva is published four times a year and is distributed via the Internet and has a printed version. This is an open access publication, which means that all content is freely available and free to the user or his institution. Users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or access the full article in this journal. The editorial board publishes external and internal reviews of all articles submitted to it. The editorial board of the magazine includes leading Ukrainian and foreign experts.

  We invite all those who wish to collaborate with our publications and offer you to publish your articles. This publication is designed not only for scientists but also for practitioners who draw from it a lot of things for their activities.

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